Cloning a Raspberry Pi(Raspi) as a Brematic gateway

Software part:

I wrote a little C program, which makes a Raspberry Pi, act like a real Brennenstuhl Brematic Gateway GWY433

All you need is a Raspberry Pi, and one of those cheap 433 Mhz transmitters, connected to Pi Pin 0.
You can use a different Pin by altering the source code here:

int iTransmitPin = 0;

Hardware part:

Picture source:

Picture source:


Installing on the PI:

Download and compile my main program:

cd ~
tar xvf PiBrematic.tar
cd PiBrematic

Now you can start it with:


The program is now running as a UDP-Server and listening for messages on Port 49880.

The Android Powerswitch App will find the Pi as a Brematic Gateway, and you will be able to switch your powerplugs using this app and your new Raspberry Pi.

You can even use multiple Raspberry PIs. Powerswitch will use every discovered gateway, and send the signal to each gateway (Pi), one after another. This way you can place multiple PIs in every room, using Wifi connection, and control every powerplug in each room.


Creating TXP: Strings for your plugs:

An example of how to build correct TXP: raw codes for any remote control of your choice, check out my post at this forum here (in German).